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Best RV Washer Dryer Combo: Keep Clean & Save Space


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Editors Choice

Equator 24” Combo Washer-Dryer Winterize+Quiet

Equator Version 2 Pro 24' Compact Combo Washer Dryer Vented/Ventless 1200 RPM

The Equator Winterize+Quiet had some competition for the top spot, but its built-in winterizing feature won it our best RV washer dryer combo award. Aside from this protection feature for use at colder temperatures, this washing and drying combo also comes with the largest drying capacity and splits both capacities at 13 lbs each.

Even better, this is the only product on our list that dries with heat that can convert from a vented dryer to a condenser dryer. With a powerful motor for a 1200 rpm spin that is also as quiet as a normal conversation the price is more than worth the investment.

The Equator 24” was easily the best RV combo laundry unit we came across with features such as its winterized setting and low noise levels ideal for RVing.

How to Pick the Best Combo Washer Dryer for Your Rig

RV living can be a freeing experience. You and the open road, freedom to choose where you’ll next park up. However, washing clothes on the road with a hand wash alone can become a difficult task to accomplish.

If you don’t want to chance the facilities at the RV campsite or haul all your dirty clothes down to the local laundromat, then looking into RV washer dryer combos makes good sense to ensure you can wash and dry your clothes when needed.

That is why we put together a list of the seven best washer dryer combinations for RV use to make doing your laundry in your RV a less arduous experience.

Looking for the Best Washer and Dryer for RVs?

  • Look at which features are important in a camper washer and dryer
  • RV washer dryer reviews of seven top models
  • Our top pick for the best washer dryer combo for RV use

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Combo Washer and Dryer 

Laundry Load Capacity

This is easily one of the more important qualities to consider when buying a washer and dryer for RV living. Washing and drying clothes can be a little tricky in an RV as after you have done a load of laundry you might have to dry clothes in several batches.

There are a couple of different approaches to clean clothes in an RV. Either with a typically larger single load combo unit or with a smaller top-loading twin tub option.

For single loading combos, the drum laundry capacity for washing and drying will be the same though different models might require smaller loads for drying since wet clothes weigh more.

For example, a combo with a single drum and washing/drying capacity of 10 lbs and 8lbs respectively will require you to remove 2 lbs of wet clothes before drying. Then, you will still need to dry those other 2 lbs of wet laundry once the first drying load finishes. 

The smaller top loading twin-tub models generally have smaller load capacities for both washing and especially drying, but do come at a significantly reduced price.

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Available Space

As with every appliance on an RV, the amount of space it takes up is another important factor. Thankfully, the space-saving design of washer dryers for RVs do a pretty good job of conserving space without necessarily sacrificing on quality.

Weight might also be an issue for an RV, especially if you tend to push your towing weight to the maximum. However, the weight generally matters more for installation than anything else.

Of the two types, the dual top-down models are generally smaller and lighter than the single models. The difference in size is often less than a couple of inches for any given dimension, but this difference can still determine whether it fits or not.

However, the weight difference between the two types is more pronounced with single drum models weighing significantly more than dual top-down models. That said, single drum models are also much better to dry your clothes with, and use a heated drying process rather than just spin-drying.

Noise Level

While not necessarily the most critical factor to consider, the relatively small space of a recreational vehicle still warrants quieter operation than in a house. With nowhere to go, a loud RV washing machine or dryer can make it difficult to talk or sleep when in use.

Thankfully, most RV dryer washer combos are relatively quiet, with even the powerful motors humming at a conversation level. For the dual top-down models, the motor is not quite as powerful, which ultimately translates to a quieter function.

For single drum models, superior quality products will include sound-dampening materials and various engineering designs to reduce noise. While most are reasonably quiet, the less reliable ones are more liable to develop issues further down the line, which can translate to increased noise levels.

Vent vs. Ventless Washer Dryer Combos 

Depending on which type of combo you choose, this may not even be much of an issue. The dual top-down models do not use hot air to dry with and therefore don’t require any venting.

While that might technically make them “ventless” dryers, that is not what this distinction generally refers to. Instead, the difference between vented and ventless dryers comes down to whether it uses a condenser or not.

Ventless dryers use condensers to heat the air used for drying, which is better for efficiency as well as environmental concerns. On top of that, ventless dryers also make controlling the temperature of your RV easier since they use less ambient air.

On the other hand, ventless dryers take a good while longer to dry your clothes than vented models. However, ventless is still a superior option for recreational vehicles since you do not need to install a vent as well.

Combo Washer Dryers for RV Use FAQ:

Q: How do I know how much water and detergent to add?

The instruction manual should tell you how much water and detergent to add. Some combos use a pump to add water, with the more advanced options even including a water level sensor.

Keep in mind, some models provide different detergent and water levels depending on the size of the load.

Q: Can I run both the wash and spin cycle at the same time?

That depends on the RV washer and dryer combo in question, though most options ostensibly say that you can. However, in practice, some of the less reliable models should not use both the spin and wash cycle simultaneously as this tends to throw off the balance of the machine.

Some of the more expensive combos only feature a single stainless steel drum, which eliminates that option.

Q: How do I power a washer dryer for RV use?

A standard 120V electrical outlet will power most camper washer and dryers. The only thing you might need to consider is the amperage of the draw and how well your RV’s electrical system can handle that. Though, this should not be much of an issue for most types of RV.

Q: How do combo RV washers and dryers work?

For the dual top-down models, the motor provides a spin cycle for both washing and drying, which means there is no heated drying option. For single loading combos, you first wash clothes and then dry them afterward.

Q: How do I use a washer dryer for RVs?

For the single loading combos, you will use them much in the same way you would larger, more traditional washers and dryers. The dual top-down models require a bit more consideration in how large of a load you wash or dry. On top of that, the top-down loaders also require you to air dry clothes after the spin-dry cycle is complete.

The Best RV Washer Dryer Combo Reviews

Splendide WD2100XC Vented Washer/Dryer Combo

Best Performing

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer

With the largest washing capacity at 15 lbs and a drying capacity of 11 lbs, the Splendide WD2100XC presents one of the best RV washer dryers for full-time RV life. Even better than that, the spin dryer’s motor generates 1200 rpm, matching our winner the Equator 24” Combo.

Splendide is the most experienced company on our list, as well as one of the few companies we reviewed, which specializes in the space-saving design of RV washer and dryer products.

This is also evident with the inclusion of super-silent technology encompassing sound-absorbing materials and a tri-phase motor that leaves this mini washing machine and dryer as quiet as the average conversation.

The only issue we have with the Splendide WD2100XC is that it weighs more, and is larger, than most of the other models we reviewed. This product is also one of the more expensive options on this list.

  • PROs

    • Has a wash/dry capacity of 15 lbs/11 lbs
    • Spins at 1200 rpm
    • Has 3/10 dry and wash cycles
    • Has Super-silent technology
  • CONs

    • Is a more expensive model
    • Takes up more space

Bottom-Line: With powerful washer and spinner operations and large load capacities it’s easy to see how the Splendide washer dryer combo came in as runner-up.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub


Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 20lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine, Blue+ White

For the type of RV clothes washer and dryer that it is, the Giantex Portable offers one of the larger laundry capacities at 11 lbs. This washer dryer combo also provides a decent amount of power to the two motors at 300 W for the washer and 110 W for the dryer.

Giantex may not be one of the more experienced companies on our list but since they are solely an online operation their prices are kept low. Giantex doesn’t specialize in washer dryer combos or compact products specifically but have a more general focus on home goods.

That said, the Giantex Portable is easy to use with only a couple of knobs and a few different settings to worry about. This compact twin tub design is also reasonably lightweight at 30 lbs and compact with no dimension larger than 30”.

On the other hand, the max dry capacity is on the smaller side at 6.6 lbs, though it is still not the smallest on our list.

  • PROs

    • Is less expensive 
    • Has a load capacity of 11 lbs
    • Is easier to use
    • Is more compact
  • CONs

    • Has a smaller dry capacity of 6.6 lbs
    • Not the most reliable

Bottom-Line: A compact machine with a reasonable range of specs and at a low price, the Giantex Portable Mini Compact may not stand out compared to some of its competition, but it still gets the job done.

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub

Largest Capacity

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 26lbs Capacity, Washer(18lbs)&Spiner(8lbs)/Built-in Drain Pump/Semi-Automatic (White&Blue)

The KUPPET portable washing machine and dryer combo tops our list for the largest washing capacity at 18 lbs, also offering a respectable drying capacity of 8 lbs. Combined, these two capacities tie with the larger single loading models, the Splendide WD2100XC and the Equator 24”, for the largest total capacity of all the products reviewed. 

Similar to some other companies reviewed in this list, KUPPET doesn’t have a background in RV goods, nor a large online presence. However, the company does focus on a wide range of home goods, including many made-for-compact spaces.

One of the more impressive qualities of the KUPPET Compact is its motor, which spins at 1300 rpm and includes both a drain up and down function. This powerful motor is necessary as the KUPPET also provides one of the longest inlet hoses we came across at almost 5’ long, allowing you to set it up in different spaces. 

While all of these specs are great, the KUPPET drops the ball in the reliability and durability department having a larger capacity and power rating than perhaps the chassis can handle.

  • PROs

    • Has a wash and dry load capacity of 18 lbs/8 lbs
    • Spins at 1300 rpm
    • Easier to use
    • Has a longer inlet hose
  • CONs

    • Is not the strongest
    • Not the most durable

Bottom-Line: As long as you don’t push it to its limits, the KUPPET Compact Twin Tub comes the closest to matching products that cost eight times as much.

XtremepowerUS Compact Washer Spin Dryer

Best Dual Functioning

Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle with Built in Pump (33L Washer & 16L Spin Dryer)

XtremepowerUS got its reputation for making solid, budget-friendly power management products and has used that success to branch out into a range of different markets. These days, the company makes pretty much every general consumer good and still offers better quality than most other cheap manufacturers.

Noted for taking standard designs and improving on them, this XtremepowerUS portable RV washer and dryer combo has the compact profile and simple design interface commonly seen for this product type. It also has comparable washing and drying capacities as compared to other dual top-loading models at 8.8 lbs and 5.5 lbs respectively.

However, this twin tub washing machine is one of the few of this design that works just as well when using both the washing and drying functions simultaneously. This does however translate to the price with this beingone of the more expensive of the “cheap” options that we reviewed.

  • PROs

    • Has improved simultaneous function
    • Compact
    • Easy to use
  • CONs

    • Is a more expensive ‘twin tub’ model
    • Small loads only 

Bottom-Line: If you are willing to pay a little bit more for a smaller washer dryer combo, you won’t have to worry about some of the durability issues that other compact washing machine/dryers suffer from.

Equator 24” Combo Washer-Dryer Winterize+Quiet

Editors Choice

Equator Version 2 Pro 24' Compact Combo Washer Dryer Vented/Ventless 1200 RPM

The Equator ties our list for the largest total capacity but splits those capacities much more evenly at 13 lbs apiece. On top of that, it also sports a powerful motor that spins at a respectable 1200 rpm whilst also sporting some other unique features not seen in other options we reviewed.

Equator is the second-most experienced company we reviewed with over 20 years behind its name. While the company may not specialize exclusively in washer dryer combos, they do focus on compact appliances for apartments or RVs.

By far, one of the better qualities of the Equator 24” is the fact that it runs at only 60 dB, making it as quiet as a normal conversation. Even better, this is also the only heated dryer on our list that converts from a vented function to condensed as and when needed.

You pay a good bit more for this model, and it is larger than most of the other products we reviewed. However, the Equator 24” also comes with plenty of settings including a winterized option.

  • PROs

    • Has a dry & wash capacity of 13 lbs each
    • Spins at 1200 rpm
    • Has 3/8 dry/wash cycles
    • Has convertible drying
  • CONs

    • Is more expensive 
    • Is a larger model

Bottom-Line: The Equator 24” won us over with its conveniently same sized wash and dry capacities, convertible drying modes, and great extra features.

Think Gizmos TG23 Twin Tub Washer Dryer

Best Portable

Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with 7.9lbs Wash and 4.4lbs Spin Cycle Compartments by Think Gizmos

The ThinkGizmo TG23 is another portable machine with dual-top loading; however the quality, reliability, and durability exceed that of its twin tub competitors. While you pay a bit more than the other cheaper twin tub options on our list, it is also still far less expensive than the more expensive single drum options too.

ThinkGizmo started as an RC toy company but grew to such prominence they eventually branched out into a variety of home consumer goods. While sticking to the cheaper end of the spectrum, ThinkGizmo has gained a reputation for offering solid quality.

As is common with the top-down approach, the ThinkGizmo TG23 is easy to operate with only three knobs with easy-to-read settings and a separate washing and spin timer. It is also one of the more compact and lightweight camper washer dryer combos on our list as well.

The main downside to this model is that the maximum wash capacity is only 8 lb while the dryer has a 4.4 lb capacity making it one of the smallest capacities we found.

  • PROs

    • More reliable than other twin tub models
    • Easy to operate
    • More compact
  • CONs

    • Has a smaller dry/wash capacity
    • Does not have a water pump

Bottom-Line: For paying a little more for a dual top-loading model, you get greater reliability while still benefiting from not having to fork out an extra grand for one of the more expensive portable dryer/washing machines on our list.

SUPER DEAL Portable Twin Tub

Best Budget

SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine 13lbs Capacity Portable Washer Wash and Spin Cycle Combo, Built-in Gravity Drain for Camping, Apartments, Dorms, College, RV’s and Small Spaces

This twin washing tub and dryer is one of the few dual top-down models we found with a powerful enough motor to provide 1300 rpm for its spin. Aside from having the best spin dryer speed on our list, this machine is the least expensive option we reviewed. The company also claims it is an energy-efficient model adding to its long-term value for money.

It is fair to say that SUPER DEAL is one of the least experienced companies on our list and borrows entirely from other designs such as the separate timer control settings for wash and dry cycles. On top of that, the company specializes in online retail and makes a wide assortment of products with little focus in one area.

That said, the almost entirely plastic construction means you don’t need to worry about this model rusting or corroding. In terms of profile and weight, this is also one of the more portable washing machine and dryers but this is reflected in the small load capacities at 8 lbs for washing and 5 lbs for drying.

Unfortunately, the SUPER DEAL suffers from some of the reliability issues that other mostly plastic products do.

  • PROs

    • Is less expensive
    • Spins at 1300 rpm
    • Easy to operate
    • More compact
  • CONs

    • Has a smaller wash and dry capacity
    • Not the most reliable

Bottom-Line: If you need a cheap option for a travel trailer washer dryer combo, the SUPER DEAL comes with a surprisingly powerful motor in one of the more portable washer and dryer profiles.

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