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Best Backup Camera for RV Travel: No More Parking Frustrations


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Rear View Safety RVS 770613

7' Backup Camera System for RV/Truck/Bus - Waterproof Camera with Night Vision - RVS-770613-NM-01 by Rear View Safety.

Ticking all our boxes the Rear View Safety 770613 is a dependable option making it our best backup camera for RV drivers. Given that it is a wired backup camera system made with aircraft-grade hardware it has greater stability than a lot of other products on this list resulting in a better grade of high-quality images.

On top of that, this model also comes with an excellent night vision setting that thanks to its 18 infrared LEDs can peer 50 ft into the darkness. The 130-degree FoV is not the largest on our list but is more than enough for most casual purposes. The display is also larger than most with a fairly 7” width but with a larger than usual 5 ½” height.

As wired backup cameras go the RVS 770613 provides some of the best reliability around both in terms of the image quality as well as the overall durability of the product.

Reversing Got a Whole Lot Easier

Getting out on the open road in a recreational vehicle is a freeing experience, whether for a short vacation or as a way of life. Of course, it takes a little bit of time and practice to adjust to driving such a large vehicle, especially if it has more than two axles.

While figuring out how to drive forwards is a challenge on its own, backing up in an RV can be frustrating even for experienced drivers. Rather than relying on the rearview mirror or having someone get out to help guide you while backing up, RV backup camera systems can offer an easier solution.

That’s why we have put together this list of the nine best RV backup cameras for a variety of situations and requirements. We also break down the various features and qualities of rear view cameras, highlighting how they work and which are the most important for different purposes.

Looking for a Backup Camera for your Rig?

  • What to look for in a rear view RV camera to best suit your RVing needs
  • Recommendations for backup cameras for RV use
  • Our top pick of the best travel trailer backup camera

Things to Consider When Buying a Backup Camera for RV Travel

Wireless or Wired RV Backup Camera System

This can be a tricky consideration. A digital wireless backup camera may seem like an immediate upgrade over a wired system, all things being equal. Unfortunately, all things are not equal, and most RV wireless backup cameras suffer from some form of inconsistency.

Part of this can be attributed to user error, but too many similar issues and poor responses from the manufacturer point to systemic problems. In fairness, most wireless models use the same wireless transmitter signal at 2.4 GHz as the majority of other wireless products.

This may allow manufacturers to sell wireless models at a lower price, but it also means that the digital signal is more likely to suffer interference. Furthermore, when you are driving through heavily-populated areas you are likely to see interference with more mediocre systems throughout your trip.

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However, the trade-off is that wireless camera systems are significantly easier to install than wired RV backup cameras. With hard-wired rear view cameras, you have to run the cable from the camera to the display and often drill into the RV to do so.

That said, the extra labor put into a wired camera system might be worth it as they generally provide a more stable video feed. On top of that, it is more difficult to upgrade the hardware of a digital wireless system than a hardwired one.

Video and Camera Quality

Depending on what you require, this can be reasonably important or little more than a convenience. The good news is that few RV rear view cameras record and display at less than a standard definition resolution.

The display and camera can differ in their resolutions. Keep in mind, a display that provides standard definition will not be able to take full advantage of a camera that records in HD or vice versa.

Beyond screen resolution, another major factor to consider is how weather-resistant the camera is, especially given its general exposure. This is determined with the ingress protection scale or IP rating with the first number referring to resistance against solids like dust and the second number referring to waterproofing.

If the IP rating includes a 9k, that means it can withstand water from high-pressure sources allowing it to be easily cleaned.

Mirror Image Capability

This feature matters more when you use an RV backup camera system kit that includes multiple cameras. Most systems start with their display assuming that you have mounted cameras at particular spots on the RV.

Of course, backup systems that use several cameras either require or allow some of the cameras to be mounted elsewhere. To accommodate your preferred mounting bracket position, it is crucial to get a backup system whose display will enable you to mirror or invert the video feed depending on the mounted position of the cameras.

Keep in mind; some backup systems require you to adjust this with the actual mounting process while others can do so on the display.

Automatic Capabilities

The most common automatic capability included in a camper backup camera is the ability to turn on when you put the RV in reverse. However, most backup systems also include the ability to record while you drive, regardless of the direction.

In this instance, you will need to determine the settings ahead of time and change it as required, which is not always the most convenient process. While some backup systems allow you to change the setting from the display or cab, others need you to do so closer to the camera before you start driving.

Although not common, some backup systems also turn on the rear view mirror camera whenever they pick up motion, much like a security light for your home. This can provide advanced warning of someone snooping around your RV or a vehicle getting too close.

Another relatively uncommon feature is the ability to save the video feed as a DVR recording. This feature is generally used for commercial situations but can be useful for anyone who wants to make sure they have video evidence of any potential accidents.

Field of View

The field of view (or FoV) is reasonably important but matters more for your particular arrangement or preferences more than anything else. If you plan to use a single reverse camera at the very rear of your RV, you do not need a large FoV.

However, if you intend to use several cameras positioned for complete surveillance, the viewing angle becomes more critical to give you a clear view and avoid blind spots. The FoV is also more important when you want to keep track of anything being towed as the towed vehicle or trailer will occupy a fair amount of the camera’s FoV.

This can end up being a bit of a balancing act since a backup system might require cameras to be positioned either in specific arrangements or at particular places on the RV.

Night Vision

Unless you only drive while the sun is out, night vision likely sits somewhat high on the list of essential features. Granted, long-haul RV driving includes regular stops at RV parks and similar locations to rest for the night.

However, back up cameras with night vision helps ensure that you do not have to race the sun for easy parking near dusk. To do this RV backup cameras use infrared LEDs, with more LEDs often correlating with improved night vision.

Best RV Backup Camera Reviews

Rear View Safety RVS 770613

Best Backup Camera for RV Travel

7' Backup Camera System for RV/Truck/Bus - Waterproof Camera with Night Vision - RVS-770613-NM-01 by Rear View Safety.

The RVS flagship model offers many of the same features you see advertised on other products, but this rear view mirror backup camera consistently lives up to them. This is also the only system that provides different shock ratings with a 20G vibration rating and a 100G general shock rating – both of which are the best on our list.

While the various shock ratings are great in their own right, the included hardware is also top-notch with aircraft-grade connectors and 66 inches of cable to run even the longest RVs. While not the best FoV on our list, the 130-degree viewing angle minimizes blind spots and still provides plenty of sightlines, so you don’t have to worry about a trailer not being entirely in view.

Even better, this is one of the few products we reviewed which has an advertised IP69K waterproof rating that actually lives up to the billing. You do pay a fair bit more for this high-quality product than you would a more budget option but we believe it is worth it.

  • PROs

    • 130-degree viewing angle
    • 50 feet night vision
    • IP69K waterproofing
    • Incredibly stable
  • CONs

    • Pricier option
    • Not so easy to install, even with a mounting bracket

Bottom-Line: If you need to make sure that you won’t lose signal or suffer video and display issues regardless of the roads you travel on then the RVS 770613 is one of the most reliable we found.

Furrion Vision FOS43TASF RV Backup System

Best Wireless Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System with 4.3-Inch Monitor, 1 Rear Sharkfin, Infrared Night Vision, Wide-Angle View, Hi-Res, IP65 Waterproof, Motion Detection, Microphone - FOS43TASF

This Furrion backup camera is one of the best wireless RV cameras we came across with a 2.4 GHZ digital signal that extends the advertised 50 feet at high speeds. Even better, the camera also has one of the better video resolutions we found at 720 x 480, providing the equivalent of HD footage.

While all models we reviewed offer a decent line of sight depending on your RV, few of them come with the security features found on the Furrion Vision. The Furrion camera comes equipped with motion detection systems that automatically turn on the unit when your vehicle is stationary turning them into security cameras. This is also one of the few wireless cameras which use high-end electronic components throughout the build, allowing for solid digital recording options.

Unfortunately, the Vision’s dashboard screen display is the smallest we reviewed at 4.3” and has a resolution lower than most. This doesn’t make the display any less clear or affect any secondary recording systems, but it does ultimately create a bit of a bottleneck for the camera.

  • PROs

    • Wireless system
    • Has automatic waking functions for security
    • Backup camera has a 720 x 480 resolution
    • Has superior components
  • CONs

    • Pretty pricey
    • Has a smaller monitor

Bottom-Line: For those with expensive travel trailers or who carry costly equipment, the Furrion Vision’s security features provide peace of mind.

Emmako HD 720P Wireless Backup Camera

Best RV Backup Camera for Resolution

Emmako HD 720P Backup Camera for Cars,Trucks,RVs,etc. Upgraded IP69 Waterproof Camera 150 Degree Viewing Angle.Camera Adjustable Reverse/Front View,Guide Lines ON/Off, Width/Length Adjustable

Out of the best rear view cameras on our list, the Emmako HD 720P tops it for its resolution ratings and settings. Some of the other options on this list can compete with the Emmako for either camera or screen resolution. However, none come with both a display screen providing 1024 x 720 resolution and a camera that records in 720p.

What makes this more remarkable is that the Emmako is a wireless backup camera system which generally places more pressure on signal transfer requirements. You also get a robust viewing angle of 150-degrees with this motorhome backup camera, so you will not lack detail regardless of where you place it on your RV.

Although it has a clearer image as compared to most the monitor is on the smaller side at only 5”. That said, the Emmako HD 720P has a waterproof rating of IP69K while the monitor sports a dustproof rating of IP6X.

  • PROs

    • Low price point
    • Wireless system
    • Has an IP69K waterproofing
    • Great image quality
    • Has a 150-degree FoV
  • CONs

    • Has a smaller monitor
    • Not the most stable

Bottom-Line: When you require the clearest video quality available, the Emmako HD 720p provides with both a display screen and the camera, outpacing other products on our list.

eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Split Screen Monitor

Best Backup RV Camera with Four Channels

eRapta HD 1080p Backup Camera System Kit, 7-inch Reversing Monitor with Quad Split Recording IP69 Waterproof, Rear View Side View Cameras, Backup Camera for RV Truck/Trailer/Tractor/Box/Camper Y0202

By far, one of the best qualities of the eRapta is the fact that this is the only model that provides four separate RV backup cameras in its price range. On top of that, the display works flawlessly regardless of the channel view you choose, offering numerous arrangements to suit your needs.

An issue with some other systems with multiple channels is they struggle with changing their image orientation. Thankfully, with the press of a button, the eRapta allows you to invert and mirror the camera’s image rather than having to reinstall the system.

Be careful when you order though as eRapta is noted for some iffy quality control, albeit customer service is quick to fix any issue you might initially have. These issues don’t however extend to the general durability of the product as the eRapta is IP69K waterproof.

  • PROs

    • Cheaper option
    • IP69K waterproof
    • 18 infrared LEDs
    • Has a split four-channel compatible screen display
    • Comes with four different cameras
  • CONs

    • Cables can be a bit short
    • Has iffy QC

Bottom-Line: If you have a large RV that needs multiple angles covered simultaneously, an eRapta is a budget-friendly option that performs better than most.

Camecho RC RV Rear View System

Best Budget

Camecho RC 9V - 35V Car Vehicle Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit + 7' LCD Monitor Parking Assistance System For Truck / Van / Caravan / Trailers / Camper

Finding a backup camera at this price is a surprise and allows even the strictest budget to enjoy the benefits of rear view security and peace of mind. What makes the price even more surprising is that the Camecho RC is also a wireless rear view camera.

Whilst this model doesn’t come with two cameras, it does at least support the option to expand the system with a second channel and includes the hardware for such. You also get a remote control, so you do not have to worry about taking your eyes off of the road or messing with the surprisingly robust 7” display.

Of course, when you look for one of the least expensive products in a lineup, you should expect it to have some limitations. While the Camecho RC is a digital wireless camera, the signal is not as strong as some of its competitors and is best reserved for a smaller RV or camper.

  • PROs

    • Affordable
    • Wireless system
    • Comes with a remote
    • Easy installation with mounting bracket
    • Can support two channels
  • CONs

    • Durability could be improved
    • Not the best connection

Bottom-Line: As long as you don’t drive a larger RV, the Camecho RC comes in at a great low price and is easier to install than wired cameras.

Coolwoo 7” Backup Camera Monitor Kit

Best RV Backup Camera with Widest FoV

Dual Backup Cameras and Monitor Kit Wired for Van, RV, Semi Truck, 2 Upgraded 175º Wide View Infrared Waterproof Rear View Cams with 7 Inch Adjustable Display

Many RV rear view cameras provide a completely clear view of your RV with the use of 4 cameras, but the Coolwoo 7” is the only product we saw that can accomplish this feat with only 2. These cameras had the widest viewing angle we found at 175-degrees, providing a total coverage of 350-degrees. Meaning no blind spots.

On top of that, the second camera comes at an extremely reasonable price. It also has an included remote control to allow you to change from one display setting to another without having to take your eyes off the road or take your hands off the wheel.

That said, the Coolwoo 7” is best reserved for RVs that do most of their driving in temperate regions as they suffer in weather extremes. Not only will extremely hot and cold temperatures compromise this model, but it is also not as waterproof as some of its competitors.

  • PROs

    • Lower price point
    • Comes with two cameras
    • Has a total 350-degree viewing angle
    • Comes with a remote
  • CONs

    • Not the most waterproof
    • Not the most temperature resistant

Bottom-Line: With a total 350-degree viewing angle, the Coolwoo is one of the least expensive options to provide nearly complete coverage for your entire RV.

ZEROXCLUB 7” RV Backup Camera Wireless System Kit

Best Reversing Camera with Night Vision

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera + 7’’ LCD Wireless Reverse Monitor for RV/Truck/Trailer/Bus/Camper/5th Wheel (W01-7 inch)

Whilst the ZEROXCLUB 7” is up there with other best backup cameras on the market it definitely gets the top spot for assisting in parking in the dark. The excellent infrared night vision offered by this product is due to the 18 infrared lights, CCD sensor, and the high def image processor it comes with. Add to that the great display resolution of 1280 x 720 and parking in the dark becomes a cinch.

Choosing how you want the unit to work is easy too, with a switch connected to the charging port that allows you to switch the mode from on while driving to on only while reversing. The IP69K waterproofing and 6-layer glass lens mean you will have no worries about this product’s durability.

That said, the documentation provided can make this backup camera installation more tricky than it needs to be. It is also not great for explaining how the ZEROXCLUB works making it a bit more challenging than with some of the other models reviewed. To make matters worse, customer service has been found not to be very helpful.

  • PROs

    • Cheaper option
    • Wireless
    • IP69K waterproofing
    • 18 infrared lights
    • Has a 149-degree FoV
  • CONs

    • Not the best connection
    • Poor documentation and customer service

Bottom-Line: If you do a lot of night driving and don’t want to worry about clarity, the ZEROXCLUB is a great option, especially for quick setting adjustments, and at a reasonable price.

Tadibrothers 7” Wireless Backup Camera for RV use


7 Inch Monitor with Wireless Mounted RV Backup Camera

The Tadibrothers 7” does not necessarily top our list in any particular category but does provide a solid all-around option. One area where it particularly shines is with the display, which ties on our list for best resolution at 1024 x 720.

This resolution comes in handy if you spring for another backup camera as the Tadibrothers can support two channels for even more coverage. The cameras are advertised as being 100-percent waterproof and use military-grade components, though the IP rating is not provided.

This system from Tadibrothers is made to be used with a wide range of different systems with the purchase of an adapter. The only potential issue is that larger RVs might be better off purchasing the commercial model for a better wireless connection range.

  • PROs

    • Durable unit
    • Wireless system
    • Screen has 1024 X 768 resolution
    • Can support two channels
  • CONs

    • Pricey option
    • Not the best connection

Bottom-Line: As a solid, all-around model, the Tadibrothers 7” offers plenty of inter-brand compatibility and room to grow as your system needs to expand.

LeeKooLuu 1080P Wireless RV Backup Camera Kit

Best for Commercial Use

LeeKooLuu RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 7 Inch Monitor Touch Key Screen DVR Recorder 2 Rear View Cameras Adapter for Furrion Pre-wired RVs Trailers Campers Trucks IP69 Waterproof Night Vision LK9

Commercial rear view cameras have unique requirements that ensure the company or driver is protected in case of an accident. This is where the LeeKooLuu 1080P’s ability to record video feed to a secondary DVR comes in handy so that you have hard evidence should anything happen while on the road.

On top of that, the LeeKooLuu also sports one of the best recording resolutions we came across of 1080p. While you need to upgrade the monitor to see in 1080p, it still offers an excellent resolution of 720p in its own right and does not affect the quality of the video recording.

While the LeeKooLuu comes with two cameras, it supports the ability to connect to 4 so that you can get a complete view on all sides of your RV. The only potential issue is that the night vision can be a bit iffy if there are no objects to bounce the IR LEDs off of.

  • PROs

    • Wireless
    • Comes with two RV backup cameras
    • Can record with DVR
  • CONs

    • Higher price point
    • Not the most reliable
    • Doesn’t come with mounting bracket

Bottom-Line: When your commercial enterprise requires you to keep records of your trip, the LeeKooLuu 7” is one of the few models we found with this feature built-in.

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